My FAVORITE Month of the YEAR!! I have no idea why but when October arrives, I’m like a little kid ready to take on the toy store! Pumpkin everything, hoodies, hot apple cider, the colors of fall, foggy mornings, crisp air, apple everything, boots, scrafs and last but not least….Halloween!  I literally go over board, so hope your ready for some overload of crafty cuteness! Link: https://youtu.be/69rcnNo_0DY19

My Next Project is a mini Halloween Album    link: https://youtu.be/_IrSQH5VGA420

Next is my take on a BOO BAG. I love this idea for getting your neighborhood involved, especially the kiddos. After assembling your bag, fill it up with goodies and place it on your neighbors front porch, knock on the door and TAKE OFF RUNNING!  Link: https://youtu.be/5OnLLzH3-p016

Do you love unboxing videos???? Well here’s one for ya! Link:https://youtu.be/1YDbJmASmWA17

Have a blessed Day!




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